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A safe-by-design, biodegradable delivery system


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A technology driven by quality and safety

Carrier systems have gained interest, allowing the controlled and targeted release of vectorised active compounds. Furthermore, those systems enable a sustained drug release over a period of time which may be beneficial in various therapeutic situations by increasing the therapeutic effect while lowering the toxicological concerns about overdose.

Developed by Adjuvatis to overstep the delivery challenge, i-Particles® technology was born from a safe-by-design concept. By improving the manufacturing process, Adjuvatis has reached the highest level regarding both biosafety and process robustness. Actually, i-Particles® formulations consist in a regulatory approved polymer, active pharmaceutical ingredients and water. Moreover, with an average size of 200 nm, our innovative vector is not subjected to the nanomaterial regulation and thus strengthen industrial prospects.

Following 10 years of development and pre-clinical evaluation, i-Particles® have already proven efficacy in several fields as vaccines, antibody generation and drug delivery and compete for the next standard of carrier systems.

Because Adjuvatis top priority is product quality, i-Particles® have been conceived to fulfill adequate chemical and physical properties. Additionally, in vivo and in vitro functionality and biodistribution monitoring can be performed to evaluate new formulations.


Overstep pharmaceutical development barriers

Technical requirements:

Solubilizing hydrophobic drugs
Targeting delivery to specific organs/cells
Delivering sustainably
Detoxifying and reducing risk profile
Protecting and stabilizing a drug

Strategic development:

Increasing drug efficacy
Increase cost-effectiveness (less product – same efficacy)
Providing patient-friendly dosage forms
Extending products life cycle (new means of delivery)


i-Particles®, an innovative carrier system

Delivery system innovation should always care about safety, efficacy, quality and cost-effectiveness. Based on this statement, Adjuvatis technology fills the gap of most carrier system drawbacks to reach clinical and industrial developments.


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