Who we are

Adjuvatis develops, manufactures biocompatible delivery system called i-Particles® and proposes a formulation service based on its technology.

Our Mission

Providing scientists and pharmaceutical companies safer, more stable and effective formulations thanks to i-Particles® technology.

Our Advisory Board

Adjuvatis team is built around valuable experts, gathering insights into scientific orientations, business development and customer-dedicated marketing strategy.

Our Network

From extending our technological network to supporting innovation, Adjuvatis scientific partners widen our panel of expertise and contribute to strive for excellence.


Fully metabolizable i-Particles

i-Particles® technology originates from the fundamental statement that pharmaceuticals should never involve harmful by-products and only focus on patient safety. Starting from this idea, Adjuvatis technology is led by one main concept: safe-by-design.

i-Particles Technology

Synthetized by an eco-friendly and additive-free process, i-Particles® exclusively consist in a biodegradable polymer and selected active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Strategic solutions

Increasing pharmaceutical efficacy and safety while reducing risk profile and costs, and extending product life cycle.


Following 10 years of research and supported by a multi-skilled team, Adjuvatis will push forward your active’s intrinsic properties and potentiate your product development.


i-Particles - Driver of innovation

i-Particles® formulations have demonstrated enhancements in healthcare and technological fields, especially vaccines, antibody generation and drug delivery. Adjuvatis is constantly extending the scope of applications to reach new markets, support customer developments and prove once again the versatility of its technology.


Vaccine Development

i-Particles® increase immunogenicity and improve stability of vaccines formulations.


Antibody Generation

Reduce antibodies production costs and improve their affinity using i-Particles®.


Drug Delivery System

Formulating with i-Particles® offer protection and sustained delivery for your active pharmaceutical ingredient.


i-Particles-based formulations & in-depth characterizations

Adjuvatis provides a full formulation development and characterization services in a rigorous quality framework.


What are you waiting for?

Discover our fully dedicated and quality-oriented ways of working, integrating both skills and experience to provide cutting-edge service for formulation development of biopharmaceuticals.


Meet Our Team

Our dynamic team, supported by a referent advisory board and external experts, qualifies for expertise in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology, Manufacturing and Partnering. By working collaboratively, we are committed to innovate for your therapeutic products developments.


Why formulate with Adjuvatis?

Overcome technical obstacles and reach new markets.


Expertise optimise us

Feel free to contact us to explore licensing opportunities, collaborative researches, or commercial partnerships.


Adjuvatis Live

Follow our participation to scientific events, symposium and congresses.
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Solubilization of an hydrophobic API for anti-cancer treatment

  • By Charlotte PRIMARD
  • on Juin 18, 2020
Poor water solubility is one of the most significant barrier limiting drug development. Indeed, more than 40% of compounds identified.
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A recombinant vaccine based on i-Particles is protective against H1N1 influenza infection

  • By Charlotte PRIMARD
  • on Juin 11, 2020
Recombinant Haemagglutinin Derived From the Ciliated Protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila Is Protective Against Influenza Infection Context Cilian AG (Germany), affiliated as.
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FASTCURE: a consortium of experts to respond to the epidemic COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

  • By Charlotte PRIMARD
  • on Juin 11, 2020
FASTCURE is a consortium of experts for screening, identification and formulation of chemical compounds to combat SARS-CoV-2. Drug repurposing can.
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Welcome in Lyon

At the heart of the Biodistrict Lyon Gerland, a hotspot for world leaders in Life Sciences in vicinity to institutional, academic and private companies, Adjuvatis benefits from a unique environment in terms of technological innovation.