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i-Particles® as a strategy for developing effective therapeutics from active ingredients.

Supported by 10 years of R&D, Adjuvatis technology and expertise have demonstrated performance and efficacy in several applications as vaccine adjuvant or delivery system in the fields of infectious diseases, cancer or dermatology. Through an effective research policy, Adjuvatis is involved in many collaborative projects, constantly extending i-Particles® fields of application.

Vaccine Development

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i-Particles®, a new class of adjuvants

i-Particles® are innovative vaccine adjuvants, increasing the vaccine antigenic stimulation by improving antigen stability. Either alone or in combination with immunogenic molecules, i-Particles® are able to greatly stimulate for humoral and/or cell-mediated responses.


i-Particles® vaccine formulation in vivo assessment

Customized i-Particles® induced significantly higher IgG responses than Classic i-Particles® and even better than alum-p24.

Pavot, V. et al. (2016). Biomaterials, 75, 327–339


Potentiate your antigens with i-Particles®

Either for therapeutic, diagnostic or R&D applications, formulate your antigens with i-Particles® is the key to achieve the highest antibodies productivity and affinity.

Adjuvatis provides a new class of adjuvant for the production of polyclonal / monoclonal antibodies with high affinity. Based on an eco-friendly synthesis, i-Particles® are entirely biodegradable and stand as the safest adjuvant for antibody generation. Lastly, this technology offers a building-blocks approach, optimizing the design of multivalent vaccines.


i-Particles®, the key to unlock active efficacy

Through an experience with more than 30 pharmaceuticals and biomolecules, Adjuvatis is able to predict molecule formulation parameters and efficiency based on physico-chemical properties of the active ingredient. Once optimized, i-Particles® formulations are controlled for long storage stability.

Additionally to the formulation service, a biodistibution study can be performed thanks to co-encapsulation with a fluorophore. From organ scale to body scale, Adjuvatis is able to follow the pathway of i-Particles®.