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Custom formulations adapted to poorly water-soluble active ingredients

Anyone working on the development of active ingredients knows the difficulties encountered during this lengthy process, right from the R&D phases. Adjuvatis is here to help you overcome these challenges leading to the pharmaceutical product. Find out in 5 minutes the services of API formulation provided by Adjuvatis, and how we can help you to[...]
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Solubilization of an hydrophobic API for anti-cancer treatment

Poor water solubility is one of the most significant barrier limiting drug development. Indeed, more than 40% of compounds identified through combinatorial screening programs display poor aqueous solubility, which is associated with poor bioavailability, suboptimal dosing, etc. Adjuvatis uses a safe-by-design technology that allows formulation of APIs with little or no solubility. Adjuvatis develops biocompatible[...]
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11ème édition des Journées Collaboratives

Adjuvatis is going to the Partnering Days organized by the Bio Cluster Lyonbiopole to participate in brainstorming sessions and to pitch its i-Particles Technology offer Meet our CEO Charlotte Primard at the Day of Collaborative Innovation organized by Lyonbiopôle with the participation of Biocat, BioRegion of Catalonia on Tuesday 10th October, 2017 in Lyon, France![...]
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